About Us


"Nature is the Art of God"

- Dante Alighieri"

KISOLS - Keep in Simple On LifeStyle
KISOLS Collection was found in 2018 by Adriene N, a dream-chaser fascinated with the nature and simple lifestyle. Inspired by the beauty, variety and uniqueness of nature, combine with passion in jewellery design. Wish our design could provide the little perfect touch to reveal and express your beauty in a fabulous unique way. Just like every creature in the nature.

Not too little, not too much, just enough for touching up your special everyday.
Each piece of nature stone (gemstone/pearl/quartz etc) is carefully selected, matched and assembled regard to shapes, colour and texture with simplistic design. Every piece in our shop is unique and exclusive handmade with love and passion

Like it? Wear it.
Shopping with KISOLS Collection, you are supporting a dream. Your love to our product is the biggest motivation.

Made in HongKong.